i.MX515 Project
Add supoort to OpenOCD for the i.MX515 cpu

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proposed by methril on 14th February 2009 (accepted on 2nd July 2010)
Project Summary
Open On-Chip Debug Solution for Embedded Target Systems based on the ARM7 and ARM9 Family, and allow the cheap "hardware interface dongle" to connect with the Hardware through the JTAG.
It's main features are:

    * gdb degub (ARM7, ARM9, XScale, Cortex-M3).
    * Flash Programing (CFI compatible flashes and several internal flashes - LPC2000, AT91SAM7, STR7x, STR9x, LM3 and STM32x-).

It's multiplatform and supports Windows & Linux.

Project Blog Entries

  A small delay due to translate
posted by methril on 20th January 2010

Dear Power Developer devs. I'm putting this post to announce my new location. I'm moving to brazil, as i said in my other blog: A lot of time without news.
I've been so bussy with the paperwork & packaging all the furniture of my house.
I've going to flight this weekend, and i hope to have time to deal with the EfikaMX around middle of February.
I keep you up to date.

See u soon, from the South Emisphere ;)

Rafael Campos (aka Methril)
  First notice of i.MX515
posted by methril on 1st September 2009

Hello to all. This is my first to post.

I'm an Embedded Software (some hardware too) enginner (my linked in page [1]).
I've my own blog[2], but this give me the opportunity to put news about the i.MX515 cpu. I didn't update it for a long time but i didn0t stop to learn and make progress in some embedded projects that i'm related.

Why after a long time since my proposal, i write this post: Because he power developer team have accepted my proposal, and i'm really happy to start with this development.

I hope OpenOCD and maybe urjtag could extend his functionality with a working i.MX515 (another Cortex-A8)

[1] http://www.linkedin.com/in/rafaelcamposlasheras
[2] http://openblog.methril.net

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