i.MX515 Project
Anubis for i.MX

in category Operating Systems
proposed by michalsc on 2nd February 2009 (accepted on 1st June 2009)

Developers: Michal Schulz, Michael Grunditz
Project Summary
The aim of this project is a development of Anubis operating system for i.MX platform. The Anubis is a set of libraries and tools which will run on top of the linux kernel and will provide the programming interface similar (but not the same) to the one known from AROS system. It shall hide the complexity of *nix system from the end user and provide a simple and user friendly shell and GUI which resembles the AROS Research Operating System and/or AmigaOS.

Project Blog Entries

  [Linux] Video chat
posted by michalsc on 12th July 2009

I had a fight with ARM linux kernel recently. I've recompiled it on my x86_64 machine in order to get rid of some unused components and in order to add some essential ones. Now my EfikaMX may mount USB-CD and USB-DVD devices properly and works a little bit faster (at least this is my feeling). A recompilation of rt3070sta driver helped also a lot.

But then, how to use the thing? I've given the aMSN client a try and have had a video chat with a friend of mine. Did it work? Have a look on bbrv's blog :)
  Networked ;)
posted by michalsc on 6th July 2009

Finally. After few hours of headaches and stress I've built the newest rt3070sta.ko kernel module for 2.6.26 linux. Now I'm able to use my home wireless network with WPA2.

This tiny blog entry was posted from Efika MX board :)
  It's alive!
posted by michalsc on 4th June 2009

Howly cow! How small the board is!

I have received the board and successfully assembled all the pieces together. I've booted small arm busybox-based linux environment.
  Up and running (linux)
posted by micken on 2nd June 2009

I received the board today and I have it up and running with linux !:)
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