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Efika 5200B Project
Efika Power Back-Up System

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proposed by holy&davidge on 31st January 2006 (accepted on 10th February 2006)
Project Summary
Efika Power Back-Up System

In this case, Efika is used as low-cost disc array with 4 or 6 SATA drives (in RAID 1 or 5 arrays).
The OS is Linux - Gentoo in minimal configuration.
The array will run independently on other HW and will be accessible through ethernet network.
Clients can connect via FTP,
Samba (and mount the array as ordinary network drive) or SCP for data transfer and via SSH or HTTP for administration tasks.
Partitions can be encrypted with dm-crypt. All file systems should be checked regularly.
Smartd deamon can be used to send a warning e-mail to the administrator in case of failure. In addition,
USB and external SATA drives can be attached and mounted.
Hot-swapping of the failed disc and rebuilding of the RAID array can be theoretically supported in future release.


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Project Blog Entries

posted by holy&davidge on 6th February 2008

Our project PowerBackupSystem (#95), developed into many stages,
which I would like to describe here.

I)EFIKA as Desktop computer
First of all we have used the Efika as a desktop computer to find out its performance and future possibilities.
As we would like to transfer, take over, transmit the Efika we have made our own case with passive power supply see fig. 2.

Figure 1: First configuration Efika desktop computer

Figure 2: Efika Desktop computer in our case with passive power supply

The desktop computer has been developed in operational system Linux in distribution Debian with graphic shell Fluxbox.
On the computer we have intalled web browser Iceweasel, word procesor Abiword and video player. See fig. 3.

Figure 3: Screen of Efika Desktop computer

II)EFIKA as backup system
Lets go back into our project. Backup system is connection specific hardware with tune software.

1.Hardware backup system made of these components

Main board EFIKA
Passive power supply
Compact Flash/IDE reduction
FAST SATA II controller
Compact Flash cart
Temperature sensor for measurement core temperature (fig. 4.)
Present form of backup system is not convenient (see fig 5.), but we work on Case with compact proportion.

Figure 4: Temperature sensor for measurement core temperature

Figure 5: Present form of backup system

2.Description of connection hardware components

Core of backup system is mainboard Efika. Via 2.5“ conector is connected reduction compact Flash-IDE, where is Compact Flash Card.
In PCI slot is insert FAST SATA II controller. To FAST SATA II controller is connected two SATA HDD.
To serial port is connected temperature sensor for measurement temperature backup system. Efika with SATA disc is supply passive power.

3.Software for backup system

Operation system is approved, well worked Debian which has been tried in desktop. Debian is instaled without graphic shell.
There is also instaled SW RAID controller setting up as a mirroring, FTP server, SAMBA, Smart deamon, PHP server a HTTP server.
All of these structures OS, are adjusted by means of web configured pages and specific scripts.

Operation system along with control software (web pages and scripts) recorded on Compact Flash Cart.
This Flash Cart set only for read data. This solution selected, because was safe and easy to upgrade.
When user will get new operation system or control software, that easy change Compact Flash Cart.
The Compact Flask Card have another advantages such as low power consumption and haven't wheel component, than classic hard disk.

Figure 6: Changing Compact Flash cart

4.Description od facilities

After switch on back up system will be boot operating system and our control software.
User conecting to back up system via ethernet cable.
User can connect from any operating system but there must be graphic web browser.
After log on to graphic pages the browser will set up names, passwords and level of permission particular users.
See fig. 8. and 9. On those configuration pages there is possible to find any other informations about in which stage the back up system are appearing.
There is displayed a temperature of discs (see fig. 7.),
a temperature of core back up system, status of data free on the discs and also a list of all user’s accounts.
User’s can store their dates which they would like to safely store on back up system by using SAMBA record or by using FTP client.
User’s can store their dates which they would like to safely store on back up system by using SAMBA protocol or by using FTP protocol.
Dates are safely stored on two SATA discs. If there are any disc with faults the SMART demon sends an email to a user.
If the system is being overheated the temperature sensor switch on a main ventilator.
If there is inadequately fall of temperature the system switches off by its self.

Figure 7: SATA disc temperature in web page

Figure 8: Addition new user to back up system

Figure 9: Setup transmission protocol

9.Construction backup system case

It was necessary to design the case to safe features of resource system and make sure this system will realize quality of these facilities.
By this time we have designed just a model (see fig. 10.) and graphic project (see fig. 11).

Figure 10: Model

Figure 11: Graphic model

Figure 12: Ground plan

III) Conclusion
Ours goals has been realized. The project is in final stage. We left out only partiotions encrypted,
because there has been a big demand on service and the whole system would slow down.

IV) To do and improvement

translate configure web pages to English language
improvement web pages graphic design
make final case version for back up system
try another communication protocols such as SFTP a NFS
HDD connect via Hot Swap

We hope you will be happy with our project and we looking forward to cooperationg with you again soon.

Team Open March

Jan Holas
David Krivánka
Ondřej Obracaník
Czech Republic

  Efika as Power Back-Up System
posted by holy&davidge on 5th January 2008

See you
Efika with bootable Compact Flash Card .
Efika with SATA controller .
Complete Power Back-Up System
Consist of:
Efika board
SATA controller
Compact Flash Card adapter
bootable Compact Flash Card
two SATA Hard Disks
passive Power supply

Team OpenMarch
  Efika Power Back-Up System
posted by holy&davidge on 3rd June 2007

These steps we will realize in next time.
1) We going to prepare new design for case.
2) We going to test our Efika Back-Up system .
  Efika Power Back-Up System
posted by holy&davidge on 2nd May 2007

Nauczyliśmy sie, troche po polsku, dlatego przydaliśmy polske tlumaczenie naszych stron.
www.openmarch.eu .
  Efika Power Back-Up system - setup
posted by holy&davidge on 3rd April 2007

We are hardly working on setup for Efika Power Back-Up system.

There are our upgrade.
We are measuring temperature of harddisk.
We are loging to setup.
We have several services.

Team OpenMarch
  Efika case
posted by holy&davidge on 3rd February 2007

We have simple efika case.
Team OpenMarch
  Xorg & Fluxbox
posted by holy&davidge on 20th January 2007

We managed successfully compile Xorg and Fluxbox.

Team OpenMarch
  Efika photos.
posted by holy&davidge on 12th January 2007

We added new button "development" with Efika board photos.
And hardly working on installing Gentoo Linux with FluxBox desktop.
  We have new web page and new prototype
posted by holy&davidge on 17th November 2006

Our new web page is on www.openmarch.eu.
We did prototype for Power Back-Up System. The prototype assembled from VIA EPIA board.
If we will get Efika board, that Power backup system will smaller proportions and lower power consumption.
Our dreams became reality.
  New link
posted by holy&davidge on 2nd March 2006
Genesi Network: Genesi - Main Site Power2People PowerDeveloper