Pegasos 8641D Platform Specifications

The Pegasos 8641D Projects Program aims to provide early adopters, software developers and users an entry into the world of dual-core Power Architecture™ processors and the latest product offerings from Freescale Semiconductor.

Initially centered around Freescale's PCEVALHPCN-8641D reference design ("Argo Navis"), features and functionality can be exposed, software can be written before cost-reduced and consumer-level products hit the market. This will enable the full performance of the dual-core technology, AltiVec™ enhancements in the e600 core, software support and user support frameworks to be fully in-place ready for that time.

The PCEVALHPCN-8641D design is a MicroATX form-factor motherboard with the following specifications:

Software support will be initially provided via the Genesi Firmware and Linux distribution support, including 3D graphics for commonly available graphics adapters (for example, ATI Radeon). The Projects Program will expand this support over time. The Power Developer website will act as a one-stop resource for all required documentation, optimized software libraries for common algorithms, and any information pertaining to the program.

The final Pegasos 8641D consumer design will be designed around this reference product and enhanced by the developer support and early adopter work through the Projects Program.

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