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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 7:03 am 

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Grap the latest boot image from

1. Install and configure a tftp server on another machine (*not* on the efika, the other machine has to be in the same network). I use atftp. I will use as the server adress in this tutorial. Replace it with the correct value.

2. Place efika.forth and efika_yyyymmdd.img in /tftroot/ (or whereever you configured it to be).

Place the efika.forth and efika_yyyymmdd.img on an USB stick.

3. make sure an DHCP server is running in your network

4. power on your efika and execute the efika.forth script:
ok s" eth: efika.forth" $boot
Efika 5200B Device Tree Supplement 20071114
(c) 2007 Genesi USA, Inc. for support

Adding Clock Distribution Module
Adding Simple GPIO Module
Adding Wakeup GPIO Module
Adding Slice Timer 1
Adding General Purpose Timer 0
Adding General Purpose Timer 1
Adding General Purpose Timer 2
Adding General Purpose Timer 3
Adding General Purpose Timer 4
Adding General Purpose Timer 5
Adding General Purpose Timer 6
Adding General Purpose Timer 7
Adding Ethernet PHY
Adding SDRAM Controller
Adding XLB Arbiter
5. Load and execute the image:
ok boot eth:,efika_yyyymmdd.img
RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem).
Freeing unused kernel memory: 152k init
/ $
6. Follow the Gentoo PPC Handbook. You can skip the first sections and start with "Configuring the network". Network setup should be as easy as dhcpcd eth0.

EDIT: you might want to use these experimental uclibc stages instead of the default glibc based ones:

(the ones on the mirrors are pretty outdated)

7. When selecting the kernel unmask a kernel >=2.6.24-rc7.

8. You can leave out "Configuring the bootloader" as Efika's firmware can load kernels directly.

9. Have fun!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:02 pm 

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Markus, are you and humpback cooperating?

Just curious?!?


R&B :)


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:18 pm 

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Markus, are you and humpback cooperating?
No, we are not. Maybe we should! :D

Currently this image is trail&error.. I plan to integrate this in catalyst, when the progress stabilizes. Building this images would get as easy as possible. People could add programms on their own and such things. But that's "future stuff"...

I also have to finish the project I got the efika officially for...

EDIT: this are the steps I do to build the image:
ROOT="/efika-root/" emerge baselayout-lite
ROOT="/efika-root/" USE="make-symlinks static" emerge busybox
ROOT="/efika-root/" emerge uclibc dropbear e2fsprogs dhcpcd

# change hostname in /etc/hostname
echo efika >> /efika-root/etc/hostname
# create ttyPSC0
mknod /efika-root/dev/ttyPSC0 c 204 148
# put serial console in /efika-root/etc/inittab
sed -i -e "s/#ttyS0::respawn:\/sbin\/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt100/ttyPSC0::respawn:\/sbin\/getty -L ttyPSC0 115200 vt100/" /efika-root/etc/inittab
# automatically login
sed -i -e "s/\/sbin\/getty 38400 tty1/\/bin\/sh/" /efika-root/etc/inittab
sed -i -e "s/\/sbin\/getty 38400 tty2/\/bin\/sh/" /efika-root/etc/inittab
sed -i -e "s/\/sbin\/getty -L ttyPSC0 115200 vt100/\/bin\/sh/" /efika-root/etc/inittab

# create neccessary directories
mkdir /efika-root/var/run

# create the image
mkdir -p efika-root-stripped/
cp -a /efika-root/ efika-root-stripped/
rm -rf usr/include/ usr/lib/pkgconfig/ usr/share/busybox/ var/cache/edb/ var/db/pkg/ var/lib/portage/ etc/portage/
dd if=/dev/zero of=efika-root.img bs=512K count=11
mke2fs -F efika-root.img
mount efika-root.img /mnt/efika-root/ -o loop
cp -a efika-root-stripped/* /mnt/efika-root/

# create the image
mkvmlinuz-33.corsair/mkvmlinuz -o efika_20071131.img -k /root/vmlinux -s /root/ -i /root/efika-root.img -d /root/mkvmlinuz-33.corsair/boot -r 2.6.24 -u -v
mkvmlinuz comes originally from debian, but I had to update/patch the tool a bit. You can grab my version here:;a=summary

or directly through git:
git clone git://

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