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Vnc4server missing on armhf
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Author:  yaniv256 [ Sat May 05, 2012 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Vnc4server missing on armhf

Hi all,

I've been using the sid armhf port for a few weeks now, on a chroot on my android-based Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet. It is a joy! Thank you guys for setting this up! It works much better than the armel port.

I have a small request: vnc4server is missing from the armhf port. In fact, it is also missing from the armel port. This means no openGL for all of us running debian on android-based chroot. No openGL means no iceweasel, no chromium, no games and so on ... Now I understand perfectly that if it was so easy to build vnc4server for armel/armhf it was already done. But it is possible.

The proof is here: http://theqvd.com/trac/wiki/AndroidX11Server.
This guy compiled vnc4server on CodeSorcery G++ Lite and has the entrire code with some instructions posted at the bottom of the page. I have been using his complied vnc4server for a few months now. It beats tightvncserver by a mile - much much faster response time. I found I can replace the tightvnc executable with a soft link to his Xvnc, and then execute it with the regular vncserver commandline and .vnc/xstartup configuration file.

The only problem is that this version still has no openGL support. As far as I understand openGL support is a compile time option in vnc4server. Now with the armhf port I thought maybe someone would be willing to take a look at that code and figure how to compile vnc4server for armhf - at least with software openGL support. I tried to do it myself but compiling a vnc server requires hacking skills that I simply do not have. You have to compile the entire X.org tree to get it. And in anyway this would really open up debian for a lot of android-based smartphone/tablet users - so it belongs in the armhf depository.

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