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PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:54 pm 

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Hi Genesi, regarding your press release...

...I was wondering if you could explain the "RCP" concept a bit? It's kind of new to me.

From what I was able to read/understand, it seems to be about packaging a CPU (like the i.MX6) and other things, like memory and small peripheral controllers, on a physical PCB of the size of (or slightly smaller than) a traditional CPU chip?

How do you then utilize this - by putting it on a "motherboard" PCB (like you would do with a CPU chip), or by wiring it directly to the "outer world" I/O connectors in some way?

"RCP System Solutions are anticipated to lower system costs, improve performance and provide a platform that can be modified or upgraded once a system has been deployed."

This sounds like it would be the former, right? This "RCP" would be a "CPU" that from a motherboards point of view would be "pin compatible" with later developments, thus older ones can be pulled out of its "socket" and be replaced with a new "RCP", that perhaps contains a different CPU and upgraded controllers, but that still has an identical pinout scheme so the motherboard/initial system design won't notice or care?

I take it that you as a licensee decides the package contents, or are there pre-designed options you chose from? Do you or Freescale put the thing together? I guess this takes some volume in making this happening...?

All the best!


PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:44 am 

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Hi TMHG, RCP is combining discrete components into one package. In this case, we are bringing together the most complex parts on the die level. To this this we have to create a system on a PCB first, validate the software and then make an RCP. The RCP is electrically identiical to the PCB version.

The modifications or upgrades happen in software as the firmware and OS are integrated by design into the RCP (pre-loaded in memory). The RCP will not ship without the software bundle.

Yes, we are doing this with Freescale and together hope to create a standard product.

R&B :)


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