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making an AltiVec CPDN weather client
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Author:  popper [ Fri Mar 03, 2006 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  making an AltiVec CPDN weather client

Iv been running about trying to do my part as a non-programmer to try and make ordinary and academic people realise that Altivec is good, and the work you good people are doing to advance the PPC linux and other markets etc.

my focus at this time has been in the BBC world climate change weather experiment
and all the users and academics around the world there.

apparently theres just no good client that works on the PPC and doesnt use the AV, they cant make one as they dont seem to have the experts or the people willing to try.

today there was a posting here
http://www.climateprediction.net/board/ ... 6945#36945
that implys if someone were to offer to help them
then that would be accepted, perhaps the altivec'ers
here could offer to take a look and help them out and perhaps even show the x86 CPDN clients how it should be done and give them a run for their money.

might be werth some bragging rights and more than a few new people from that BBC project looking at the future PPC products and apps you guys make (both commercial and free).

for the Mac obsessed people there that keep bringing up (even though i talk pure linux PPC/AVec) that OS,
you could i assume use a Qemu passthrough mode for the linux PPC client to run it on their OS at full speed so that would work for them.

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