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Adler32 algorithm vectorized, (paper)
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Author:  markos [ Sun May 15, 2005 12:15 am ]
Post subject:  Adler32 algorithm vectorized, (paper)

Hi, I've just finished vectorization of the Adler32 algorithm. this algorithm is part of zlib and also libmhash (in a slightly different implementation but basically the same).

I got a 2-2.5x speed increase from this, I believe I could get a bit more out of it, but I describe the process in more detail in this paper:

http://people.debian.org/~markos/powerp ... ltivec.pdf

Comments, suggestions welcome.

I will look into other parts of zlib, and also the runtime Altivec detection so that it will use the proper version automatically.


Author:  lu_zero [ Wed May 18, 2005 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Adler32 algorithm vectorized, (paper)

The same algorithm is present in ffmpeg and could enjoy your optimization, pretty nice paper btw =)

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