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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 8:49 pm 

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It been ages since i was here and i figured, i really should get back and talk about my pondering and geeking i did on it.
Since there is no clear clue how to even get the 3.x kernel port someone did, i been using 2.6.31.x since ages, finally figured out how to compile it and such. But my code on it is a mess for now.

But now to the juicy stuff!

The ageing code is a problem! everyone kinda knows that, but there is sort of hope, but to mess with it you need about 3x as much space than a single OS.
But yes, i been successfully 'sort of' having mutlilib in ARM.
Questionable to even use that old flashplayer plugin that ad0be once sort of gave out but that is not the main concern, you can take your old Ubuntu installation that works and move it onto a SD card for now. Then install also onto this SD card another OS, such as Alpine Linux, Void Linux Musl, Gentoo ulibc-ng and Gentoo musl.
Why uclibc? you ask? of course, you are aware GLIBC 2.19+ dropped support for this old kernel, 2.6.31 is like, a rats nest of holes. Also if anyone would like to backport security fixes, there welcome, for i think i can migrate a lot of it by using TOMOYO.
But anyway, what do you need to be doing to revive this dusty Efika Smartbook / Box?
Use Bedrock Linux! It requires a lot of geeky linux knowledge to get working, so maybe you should know how to install gentoo and done it once before dabbling into this.
But its a pretty nice solution! Anyway here you can find the source.
And if you are going to compile your own kernel, it is actually rather easy.
I forked 2.6.31 to a libre'ish github clone i use, it contains extra .sh files that help not searching trough year old documentation

But in the end the intention i try to tell, you can use Ubuntu for the XORG working and use alpine for the rest of the OS to have an actual Up to date Firefox, since Ubuntu 12.04 Just recently went into 'dead but alive' state and only updates SYSTEM components, having you stick to Firefox 47!.. yeh wtf!
Sadly as of now you need to edit the bedrock source a little to work on Ubuntu 12.04. but it should be pretty obvious, as i am currently in redoing the whole install i might make a diff or so if i can.

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 9:15 am 

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That's really cool. glad to see someone is still interested in the Efika. I want to see a recent kernel and a modern OS with systemd supported on it but neither I or anyone I know has the time or interest in it. I really wish the community had embraced the Efika MX as well as they did the Pi. It's a really nice little machine with a lot to offer even if it is a bit long in the tooth by now.

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2017 6:32 am 

Joined: Wed May 02, 2012 1:36 pm
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So, got to excuse myself i wrote that first post around 6 am my time, but i kept neglecting to write anything for months. It is a bit discouraging that my phone is faster than the laptop.
Anyhow, my first observation is that Gentoo has issues with MUSL libc.
It compiles but gets stuck at the sandboxing or something, after it finished up and usually copies files. Cannot figure out if it is a kernel misconfiguration or not.
So for now i shall be trying to setup Gentoo uclibc. (musl works fine on my server, to note)

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